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We are trying to get started with the map component in jasperstudiopro. So far we managed to import part of our points and see them on the map. 

We need to know if (and if yes, how) it is possible to define marker properties based on data fields. e.g. define symbol size by number of clients; define symbol color by % of female clients; use data based pie charts as markers.

Is there a drill down function available?

Is it possible to display feature information window, on click on map marker?

From the online documentation we understand, there should be a choice of default markers available. there are none, what can be the problem?




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Are you trying to use TIBCO Jaspersoft Geoanalytics map? If so, have you looked the at the following page? There's a section on using dynamic markers from dataset and query. By drill down, do you mean putting hyperlinks? By "information windows" do you mean "ToolTip"?


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