Unable to execute report on jasper server which is working on ireport 5.0.0 locally


Hi All,

I am using ireport 5.0.0 to design jasper reports. My earlier reports were using oracle stored procedures as input and they were running fine even on jasper server. Now, we have a requirement to use static sql query as inpurt to the report and i have placed those columns in report and choosen language as sql. I am able to get output from ireport.

When i deploy same jrxml on jasper server. it is throwing error. Please let me know if there is any property needed to be added on jasper server to make it work.

Pleae help.

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2 Answers:


Check the version of JasperReports Server to make sure it's 5.0.

If it is and it's not working, then it's probably being caused by JasperReports Server bug in 5.0. You'll need to upgrade.

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As I mentioned in different post you mdae:

It would be nice to know the error. One of the possibilities here is that your SQL query is not passing the validator. Try to turn off the SQL validator. Depending on the server version the property to disable validator can be in different places, for JRS 7.1 the location is:

{JRS WAR}/WEB-INF/classes/esapi/security-config.properties

Set this to false: security.validation.sql.on=true and then restart the application server.

If the report runs afterwards, your query then does not conform to the ValidSQL regex defined in validation.properties file in the same folder:


You may want to modify this regex or keep the SQL validation disabled.


Please do not post the same question twice in such a short time span.

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