split main report rows between multiple subreports

Hello, im facing an issue and i've reading and trying without success.

Main report has its own dataset. Then in the details section i have a subreport which i pass as parameter a field from the main report and this parameter is used in a dataset on the subreport. This works perfect.

Now, what i want is 3 columns of subreports and split the rows from the main report between the 3 subreports.

Example, subreport has a crosstab showing some product data, main report dataset has 150+ rows, so i want to have 3 columns of subreport with ~50 rows each.

I found no way to accomplish this issue. any help will be appreciated.

thanks in advance, best regards


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Found a valid solution, on main report, column count, set it to 3 and will do the job.

alzrck - 4 years 6 months ago

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