When a Dashboard has a resource with no data, it don´t loads, the Dashboard is loading indefinetly

We have a problem with the upgrade of jaspersoft to the 6.4.3 versión. When a Dashboard has a resource (ad hoc view/report) with no data (because of filtering ) the Panel is loading indefinitely, and the resources loads aleatory. Because of one of the views has no data to show, the panel is loading indefinitly. Furthermore the resources loads on aletory way. Somebody has any workaround for this problem?

We are thinking on return to the previosly version...


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We have detected inconsistences between the resources created or updated on the 6.4.3 versión and the export/import of them on the 6.3.0, because it's neccesary to edit the TopicJRXML.data file of each resource to import it corretly)

During this time we have installed the 6.4.3 versión on a new enviromment to make all type of configuration changes and tests, but the problem is that the application don´t show any error in the log files, so we are thinking that could be a bug on the application that don´t cause any exception.


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