Can I use JFreeChart 1.5.0 together with JasperSoft library?



My application currently uses JFreeChart v 1.0.12 and JasperReports v 6.5.1.
I did upgrade to the newest JFreeChart version 1.5.0 and got my charts working again after some minor changes.
However my (Jasper) reports containing graphs and pie charts no longer work.
I get the error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jfree.ui.RectangleEdge
which is no surprise since that class is (in JFreeChart 1.5.0) moved into the package org.jfree.chart.ui

In the pom file of  JasperReports 6.5.1 (
and even in that of the latest version 6.7.1 (
I see a dependency of jfreechart v 1.0.19 (and jcommon 1.0.23)

Does that mean that the highest version of JFreeChart I can use together with JasperSoft is 1.0.19?

Or can I put both JFreeChart versions in my project?
And use JFreeChart 1.5.0 for my own graphs and tell JasperSoft lib somehow to use JFreeChart 1.0.19?

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What I usually do when I want to upgrade a library in JasperReports is to fix the JasperReports code myself. It's open source so that's possible.

The only thing to watch out for is that JasperReports is LGPL.

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