jaspersoft Studio 6.6 and JAVA 1.6


How can I use Jaspersoft Studio 6.6.0 to generate templates which must run on a JAVA 1.6 environnement. Configuring JAVA compiler as 1.6 does not work !

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Message received at runtime : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

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JasperReports 6.6 depends of features available in Java8. There's new classes and methods that's not available in Java1.6. Sorry to say this, but you'll have to use Java8 if you're going to be using JasperReports 6.6.

Furthermore, Jaspersoft Studio comes included with JRE. 

Also, Jaspersoft Studio 6.6.0 is known to have some bugs. Beside the issue below, I've also found that barcode causes an error. Recommend using earlier version.


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We do not support Oracle Java 1.6 or OpenJDK 1.6 anymore. Oracle doesn't support Java 1.6 either.

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