Irepot design - how separate details

In my report design I have one detail in detail 1 gap and I also put one addition detail in summery. When i import my report design to Billing APP  and generate the invoice it fills all detail 1 data for all items (it makes list) and the detail which is in the summery is filled only with data of the last item from detail 1. how to make Billing APP fill date for all items in detail (in summery)? I also tried to move details together like band 1 - detail 1 and band 2 - detail 2 but it makes mix of data - first detail with first item's data second detail with first item's data and like this for all the items . All in all i want to group items data by details , first detail and all items with its data and in summery second detail with all items data. In my Billing APP subreports , tables doesnt work )))).  

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