Sub-report response in Cascade.

The data to be used in my reports are composed of the following:

main_id = 1

type = ind

external_table_id = 5       

     external_value = name

main_id = 2

type = ind

external_table_id = 6       

      external_value = name2

main_id = 3

type = ind

external_table_id = 7       

      external_value = name3

I have 3 structured reports as follows: The first (1st level) only has the title band with 1 subreport that are conditioned to print only when the type is equal to ind.

The second (2nd level) contains a structure of lines in details and another subreport that connects to the 3rd report.

The third (3rd level) only counts with 2 field fields that take their value from the connection to the base of type xpath taking the previous data would take the field value_external.

The problem that I have is that if I send a printout, it sends me the 2nd report 1 time and the 3rd report twice when it should be 3 times each. I would like to know in what way I can make two trips 1 based on the main id and another based on the external id?

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