Use a hyphen in file output name in scheduler.

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We are currently migrating Crystal Reports to Jaspersoft Reports.

We have Scheduled reports on behalf of a number of departments, which use the output for their applications.

In order to make the transition as smoothly as possible and prevent the receiving departments to have their applications changed, we would like to use the same output file names as those which are created by our Business Object Enterprise server which run the scheduled Crystal reports.

When using a hyphen in the output file name we get an error “The base output name contains invalid characters. You might have mistyped it.” (see screen print below).


Is there a way to use a hyphen in our file output name?

Additional info:

We are using Jaspersoft Report Server version 6.3.0

Thanks in advance.

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Hi All,

we have exactly the same issue here. Any advice? thanks a lot! - 3 years 11 months ago


Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear you run into the same problem. Since I've not yet received an answer to my question, we have informed the receiving department that the Output File of the scheduled report will have a slightly different name, namely the hyphen in the File name has been changed to an underscore. During the transition from  the creation of the report on the Business Object Enterprise Server to Jasper Report Server we had contact with the receiving department and informed them from which time they could expect the Output File to have a different name. This luckily went very smoothly.

I hope our course of action is feasable for you as well.

Still hoping for a solution to the problem as described in my original post.

Thank you kindly,


ad.brouwer - 3 years 11 months ago

Any chance someone has figured out how to solve this issue?

msmith_5 - 11 months 3 weeks ago

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