Jaspersoft 7.1 - Publish & Import utility - Huge performance issues

Hello All,

If anyone has upgraded from 6.2.0 to Jaspersoft 7.1 ? If yes, Can you please let u know if you are facing any performance issues with publishing the reports from Jasper studio to Jasper server.

Also When we export report objects from one environment and importing to another environment it is taking hours to complete even for 5 to 10 reports migration.

It used to take 1-2 minutes earlier and it's taking hours now. We are not getting much help from Jaspersoft Support guys and they are aware of this issue and could replicate it. It's been couple of months and no proper help.

 but I'm trying to understand if there are any other customers facing the same issue. We are using commercial version of JRS 7.1 & Studio 7.1



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