Difficulties when running dashboards in the mobile application

I'm having trouble opening the dashboards in the mobile application. Reports run smoothly, however, when I try to open a dashboard, the application gives an error message and exits.
When connecting the account to another server (http://mobiledemo.jaspersoft.com/jasperserver-pro/) with user joeuser / joeuser, the dashboards are executed normally.
Is there any configuration or release to be made in the installation for the dashboards to work or, should any specific ports be released in the firewall?

Mobile Version:



<strong>My Jasperserver version:</strong>
Edição de produto: Profissional
Recursos: EXP Fusion AHD DB
Versão do produto: 7.1.0
<strong>In the demo where it worked:
</strong>Edição de produto: Empresarial
Recursos: AUD ANA MT EXP Fusion AHD DB
Versão do produto: 7.1.0

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