Jasper Server Dashboard - Interactive Charts


Is it possible to create Dashboard with interactive filtering as below (sorry could not insert jpg here):

Parent -> Bar Chart: Sales - Monthly Trend. It shows Sales by month.

Child sub-report -> Bar Chart: Sales by Region

By clicking on any bar of parent Chart ( say, January sales) , child Chart will show only Sales for the selected month (January).

Is it possible in Jasper Server Dashboards ( not Jaspersoft Studio)?

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1 Answer:

I would like to bring the question BTT.

I have de same Problem, and it is a huge one for me, because I would need this feature extensively. My task is to create dashboards with lots of graphs/chats where I need such filtering, that for instance if I select some bars in a chart of the dashboard, the other charts/graphs should show content against this filter. Somehow dependent filtering/sorting.

Here is an example, where one can try to see what I mean:



Thanks in advance


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