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Hi all,


Ive been working in Jasper reports for one year. Today I faced an issue in details band - overflow.

It is a hotel receipt template, where Dertails1 band have table headers and detail 2 band got tabl;e structure created using rectangles nad a subreport iterating inside to get the whole data in the list. Inorder to show the table inside the whole page, I draw these rectangles with the page height. Now issue is, once the reprot is generated, as the subreport data grows, the table will also enlarge and will get printed in next page as empty. Details band is not able to maintain the white space between the subreport and the table (rectangle) end. As subreport prints more data the whitespace will get pushed and hence the Detail band will also grow and overflow to a new page which is empty.


Can anyone help me, tried to add screenshot here, but here I don't know how to add the same, didn't find options to add attachments.



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