Text Field Within List Is Not Persistent When Data Is Displayed on Second Page



I have a List that contains two elements: a Text Field and a Table. The Text Field acts almost as the Table Header, but I cannot use the Table Header because I need the table separated and indented from the header itself. I was able to achieve the look that I want - a Text Field with the Table underneath - but I want to have the Text Field persistent on the page when the text from the Table carries over to a second page. The Text Field should carry over to the second page like the Column Header and Details section of the Table do. 

For example: if I have a list of Stores, I want the name of the store to iterate in the Text Field and the workers to be represented in the Table. When the table of workers carries to the next page, the store name should also be displayed on the page with "CONT'D" at the end of the field. 

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