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On my report I have a nested table. I have a table which contains another table in its detail band, as well as a field $F{ID}. The second table and the ID are alligned horizontaly. Basically what I am achieving in this manner is to print out an ID and its attributes. ( I get the attributes from the second table). The issue I am getting here happens when the number of attributes is more than 10. In this case they cannot fit onto one page which prompts a null pointer exception. I have tried the solutions with detail overflow and such and they do not work. This issue is one of a kind because that second table has only one row (detail) and a single field. So a query can return multiple instances of that field for the specified ID in the first table. So the attribues from the second table are put in a single cell in the first table. How to allow for this single cell in the detail band, in the case of having more than 10 rows to be able to split the data and print it onto the next page?

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