Multi-Select Input Control w/ Domain Query - Selecting Multiples Causes Error?


  Being limited to Domain Queries I've had a helluva time getting reports to do what I want. Everything is a workaround, and now I'm stuck (again). I've got multi-select parameters that work, however, I can only select one value. If I try to select multiple values I get an error. If I'm understanding correctly, the reason for this is because I cannot use IN in a Domain query. How can I make my parameters work to let me select multiple values? (Parameters are Collections w/ nested strings).

Here's my Domain Query:

    <queryFilterString> LoadRefNum.QualifierName == &apos;CSTRF&apos; and LoadRefNum.RefNumValue != null and Load.DateTime_PlannedStart in (StartDate:EndDate) and Load.TransportModeName in (TransitMode) and Load.LoadTmsStatus in (TransitStatus)</queryFilterString>


Here's my Source Code:

  <parameter name="TransitMode" class="java.util.Collection" nestedType="java.lang.String" isForPrompting="false">
        <property name="" value="/public/Fastway/InputControls/TransitMode"/>
        <defaultValueExpression><![CDATA[new ArrayList(Arrays.asList(new String[] {"LTL"}))]]></defaultValueExpression>
    <parameter name="TransitStatus" class="java.util.Collection" nestedType="java.lang.String" isForPrompting="false">
        <property name="" value="/public/Fastway/InputControls/TransitStatus"/>
        <defaultValueExpression><![CDATA[new ArrayList(Arrays.asList(new String[] {"InTransit"}))]]></defaultValueExpression>


Additionally, my source code and parameters for the above two parameters are identical (minus field names of course), but the default value expression only works for the first one. No matter what I do, I cannot get "InTransit" to be checked by default in the input control. It worked once, and I don't know what I did that made it stop working.


Any help y'all could give would be greatly appreciated.

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