Need help in Drill Down Charting in JasperSoft Community Edition

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I am using JasperSoft Community Edition.

I have implemented multiple graphs on a Report. Based on the selected paramters report is shwon for a year (refer to image 1 URL), or for a Quater (refer to image 2 URL) or for a month or for a week. 

Above two links are showing the report for a Year 2013 and for a Quater Q3 2013. Navigation is down through the Paramter window. 

Now I want that navigation to be down when user click on the individual bar. If User clicks on Q3 bar (image 1) then Q3 report to be displayed (as shown in Image 2).

I am not able to see Section or Item Hyperlink in the Jasper Community Edition for jFree chart.

Is it possible to implement in the JasperSoft Community edition for jFree chart?

Any any is appricated. 


Sanjay Kumar 

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