Using JDBC Data Adapters

I have an application that uses an in memory database to fill reports.  Being in memory it has to be created each time.  Users will create reports based on this database and I want to provide the Data Adapter to them for use in Jasper Studio.

Is there a way of creating an Adapter with the fields already defined without creating a physical database?

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I was trying to avoid having to input the fields by hand.  I have to create an SQL script to create the database, I didn't want to repeat the exercise within Studio.  Ideally I could create the Adapter by reading the SQL script.  The short cut is to run the script on a physical database and then creating the adapters from that database.


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Have you tried creating an adapter and using Dataset and Query Dialog to define columns. Just press "Add" button located at the lower right hand side and type "Field Name" and "Class Type".

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