Report runs in studio but Shows its empty in server

Hello. I am running a in studio where it shows the data for the report with a single filter.

Class type of filter: integer

Once I upload it to the server it shows the report is empty. I checked the data source and it is correct. My name of the parameter in Studio is also matching with the param in Server.

What could be the issue?

Thank you!

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Hi JS-newbie,

Even i'm facing the same problem. If you find any solution please reply or ansewer your post.

Thank you.

alapatiaditya369 - 4 years 6 months ago

3 Answers:



Datasource link database is same in Both Server and Studio?
and Cay you please try without parameter in a query on the server?


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Set a static value to the parameter and run the report to see if the report is still empty. If it is, the problem is with your datasource definition on JasperReports Server.

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Another option to troubleshoot is to reproduce your issue and look through the jasperserver.log file. This will tell you if this is an issue with the data source itself, or if it cannot find the data source, or if there is another issue that is showing your report as empty. As Hozawa mentioned, it is also a good starting point to set a static value in your report or add a static text field to see if something is generated at all.



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