Help!!!! JasperStudio - Url Json.

I have a problem with the dynamic URL to read a json. generates all the fields but the records bring all null and nose as to touch, search the internet but I did not find something like for such help. if it is they know something. I send you print of how it comes out. Running this url (it does not work from the outside because it's from an intranet)

  1. The configuration of Data Adapter.

  2. The configuration of the Dataset (Language: WebServiceQuery) with a sample line for tests in development.

  3. When I give Get Server Response, in the Fields palette, I bring all the attributes of the Json, and then add them as Fields (to the right). The Fields below is the result of giving Read Fields, showing the columns with their attribute type.

  4. By giving it in the Data Preview palette it only brings me the columns but all empty.

  5. Give Preview in the Jaspersoft Studio brings everything null or empty.

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