how i can finish an ad hoc view with an combination of tables with more than 16millon registers

I have a issuewhen i try to create an ad hoc view with more than a 16m registers my jaspersoft just freeze here is the table structure


tiempo_id numeric(8,0),

nro_doc character varying(15) COLLATE pg_catalog."default",

tipo_doc_id smallint,

oficina_id integer,

nro_cuenta numeric(16,0),

tipo character varying(10) COLLATE pg_catalog."default",

moneda_id smallint,

cambio_me numeric(9,3),

monto_orig numeric(19,2),

monto_gs numeric(19,2),

sucursal_id integer,

cc smallint,

scc smallint,

cc_scc_id integer,

cantidad smallint

usign postgres 9.6 

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1 Answer:

I'm processing 12 million record in this video and getting realtime performance. Try increasing memory and tuning your database.

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