how to show values ​​of fields in column foot?


I try to obtain the data of fields, to visualize below details

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I believe he means to show a field value in the header or footer.  E.g. if all record have the same customer, the footer might say "Widgets for Big Customer".

sdgathman - 4 years 10 months ago

2 Answers:

Based on my interpretation, I think the best solution is to add a Control break by the field value in question.  I'm not sure how to add the control break field to the header, but you can at least show it above or below the detail.  While you might expect the field to be the same for all records, making it a control break ensures that you will see if it isn't for some reason.

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I do not understand, but you want to show the fields of your query in the detail strip of the report, is that it?

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