Extending Token-based Authentication



We are trying to integrate Jasper Server Pro with a Portal, so we are planning using Token-based Authentication.

The user is already authenticated to the Portal and has constructed an authentication token.

The authentication token is not exactly in the shape Jasper expects, but we are unable to set it as jasper expects on the reverse proxy (customer denies any modification to it).

The documentation states that pp should have vale u=user, we have altered the configuration file a now we can successfully log in a user with a request that contains a Request Header pp and value =USERNAME

The request from Portal is being sent to Jasper Server with a pp request header with value USERNAME while jasper expects =USERNAME

Is there a way to configure – extend javaspring security code to accept just the username without the = ?


Thank you for your time.



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You might be better off asking on stackoverflow with a Spring Security tag [spring-security]

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