Error UID: ee79d77b-2a8d-4bb3-90ea-d91c76413e50

Trying to deploy the Jaspersoft community edition on my Laptop i7 64 bit 16GB ram windows 10 using the TIB_js-jrs-cp_7.1.0_win_x86_64.exe package and custom install to link the postgreSQL 9.6 and tomcat9 already installed. The exe file builds the databases and builds the folder and files structure but I can't get the home page as the landing page, been bashing away at this now for days, I did manage to land on the Home page briefly today and got the following error ...

Error UID: ee79d77b-2a8d-4bb3-90ea-d91c76413e50

can't find any reference to it and clues in the log file 

2018-10-10 07:32:06,253 ERROR ErrorPageHandlerAction,http-nio-8080-exec-2:115 - Error UID ee79d77b-2a8d-4bb3-90ea-d91c76413e50
org.springframework.webflow.definition.registry.NoSuchFlowDefinitionException: No flow definition 'searchFlow=homeFlow' found

the landing page continues to be .


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