How to hid the Domain Search button when embedded the Ad Hoc report writer?


Does anyone know how to hide the button that allows you to select a new domain when using the adhoc report writer. It's identified as "span id = topicMutton" when I inspect the page. I am searched through the themes and cannot find a specific reference to this button, although I may have missed it. My next search will be through the JSP pages, but I'd like to avoid that if possible. Can anyone help me here?

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1 Answer:


What you can do here - is to edit theme applied on server. Look at the result:

Basically, edit or add overrides_custom.css file to theme with something like that:

span#topicMutton.button.mutton {
    display: none;

And upload it to theme. Here's the screencast to demonstrates how it works:

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