Is technical support available for JasperReports IO through TIBCO?

Is this an option?

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2 Answers:

Not at this time. All support-related questions for JasperReports IO are fielded through forums on the Jaspersoft Community website.

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We are from Helical IT Solution, providing consultancy service on open source BI tools like Jaspersoft, Pentaho etc. We are a Jaspersoft system integrtion partner as well. 

We have worked for  a USA govt to build reporting platform (custom developed drill down reporting and tabbed view which is not directly available in Jaspersoft), worked for some IT organsations even to integrte BI reporting system with their application. We do work on all technical aspects (and components) of Jaspersoft. You can find here -

If interested I can show you demo of our works and share specific details. Please mail me at -

Meanwhile, roam around -  



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