Loop on each item of my list of objects

Goo morning,

Please help me! I have a json file which contains a arrray of objects.

each object has 4 properties.

i have a table with 4 columns and 1 line and header column.

i want to put in the first column, every first property of each object.

for he second column, the second properties, the third, ..... .

Please, i don't know how to do. Do you know if we use to loop in jasper report? do you know if , we can configure in graphical mode?

example :

object 1 : prop11,prop12,prop13,prop14

object 2 :prop21,prop22,prop23,prop24


my final array:

column1    column 2  ......

prop11       prop12

prop21      prop22    ......


Thank you for yours answers

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