Export to CSV missing comma's for field with Null values




When we export reports to CSV, fields shift to the left when there is no data in the column so data appears under a column that it's not supposed to. When
we export the same data to the excel format its fine.

Is there a property we can set to ensure comma's are added for all column headers regardless of the presence of a value or not.




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It seems as if the CSV format is adding additional blank columns , I just verified that the columns in question do not

contain NULL values.

damien.moore@iconplc.com - 2 years 7 months ago

1 Answer:


I remember older version of JasperReports doing this so if you're using older version, try versioning up.

Another reason this occurs is when there's an extra column at the end. Check right position of all fields to make sure that are the same. If there's even a pixel difference, a column will be created. 

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