How to add parameters/input to jrxml file by Rest API when creating


I need to add parameters/input to my jrxml file by Rest API. My file create normally but wihout parameters. I need to add parameters to this jrxml file. Only I have found that I need to path to inputcontrolreference but it doesn't works. Below the code which I send using the put method:

  "label"               : "paragon",
  "description"         : "paragon jrxml",
  "dataSource"          : { "dataSourceReference": {"uri": "/datasources/Oraclunio"} 
  "inputControls"       : [ { "inputControlReference": {"uri": "/reports/G/paragon_files/NumerZamowienia"} },
                            { "inputControlReference": {"uri": "/reports/G/paragon_files/Rodzaj"}          }
  "alwaysPromptControls": true,
  "controlsLayout"      : "popupScreen",
  "jrxml"               : { "jrxmlFile" : { "label"  : "Main jrxml",
                                            "type"   : "jrxml",
                                            "content": "content" }

I have used such a link :


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Hello, i tried your solution but i get the error "The mandatory parameter "label" is missing."

georgekitsos95 - 1 year 8 months ago

1 Answer:

After some time seaching i found a solution, here is it:

        <label>Main jrxml</label>

{0} => string

{1} => uri for a datasource on JasperSoft Server

{2} => uri for a inputcontrol on JasperSoft Server

{3} => base64 encoded string (content o file jrml)

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