Report works fine in Jaspersoft Studio but in web service show 'java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded'



I have a report in Jaspersoft Studio, and works fine, but when I try to execute this report on web service (http://localhost/reportservice), show this error message:

java.<span style="color: #006633;">lang</span>.<span style="color: #003399;">OutOfMemoryError</span><span style="color: #339933;">:</span> GC overhead limit exceeded</span></p>
<p>I don't have any parameter. It's important to say that the report has the maximum width (5000 px).</p>
<p>I have tried to modofy the query to show only the 50 first and runs perfectly on web service.</p>
<p>What can I do to?</p>

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