Text Field on Page Footer disappear on 2nd page

I am experiencing a problem with Jasper server Community edition V7.1.0, the report is generated differently in it respect to Jasper Studio V6.6.0.

It seems there is a bug using a Text Field which refer to a Field with evaluation time set to Now on a Page Footer.
The field is displayed with the wrong value on first page, disappear on second page and is displayed with the correct value on the last page.

This bug was already present in Jasper studio V6.3.1 and Jasper Server V6.3.0.

For this reason I upgraded to Jasper studio V6.6.0, and the bug is fixed there, everything works as expected.
Unfortunately seems the bug on the latest version of Jasper Server (V7.1.0) has not been fixed.

Can someone help me to solve this issue?


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