SUBREPORT_DIR no longer automatically referenced when creating new sub-report

We've been using iReport for many years. When it became 'end-of-life', we switched to Jasper Studio. In iReport, when a new sub-report element was added, and a new sub-report was created, the master report referenced the sub-report always with the expression "$P{SUBREPORT_DIR} + blank_report.jasper". In Jasper Studio, the project directory structure was used in the expression instead... e.g. "projectDir/projectSubDir/blank_report.jasper". This is often a problem, since the clients that deploy these reports do not put their "blank_report.jasper" in that exact same project directory sturcture as the one that was used in the designer.

Is there a way to have some kind of backwards compatbile setting without having to change the reference each time manually?




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hi.. i am facing this problem too.  Would you please let me know how did you find the solution? Thank you in advance.

hanschristiansemitro - 6 months 2 weeks ago

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