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I have a web application that displays a jasperreport containing a pie chart as a PDF in an iframe. This report is stored in JasperServer. I'm wondering if it's possible to link other reports to the chart so that when you click on the slices of the pie chart, it dynamically generates (perhaps with parameters) the other reports.

I was thinking of perhaps a hidden subreport in the main report such that the main report contains an anchor to the subreport and when the anchor is clicked it displays the subreport. Does anyone know how to implement this?

Ideally, the anchor/hyperlink should also work even after the user downloads the report, so that it doesn't depend on the web application it's in.

I tried configuring a "ReportExecution" hyperlink in the pie chart by following the instructions here (https://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/tibco-jaspersoft-studio-u...), but that link doesn't work when the report is a pdf living in my web application.

I'm using JasperServer 7.1 community edition and version 6.5.1 of JasperSoft Studio.


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