Error while trying to bold a text field


Hi everyone, 

I'm trying to do conditional formating on a text field in the detail band by setting the extended properties ( of text field in jaspersoft studio v6.6.0,

My condition is like : $F{FieldName} == "ABC" ? true : false

It throws me an exception error  "java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Boolean cannot be cast to java.lang.String" from this i can inherit that there is some data type missmatch somewhere can someone could please help where it could be or if there is any mistake in my conditioning method.



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1 Answer:


First of all, remember than is more "happy" to use equals to compare strings instead of "=="


Then, i tryed what you said and made it work. Just instead of returning true or false, return "True" or "False"

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