Need to embed file in PDF generated from jasper report.



I am integrating Jasper report with my application. I need to embed files at given locations on page in PDF generated from jasper report. I searched on intenet but could not find any way. Is there any way to acheive it? or can I extend jasper report to acheive it?


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@hozawa, Here is explantation:


I have list of factories with their license document attached in database. I need to create the PDF where I have to show the list of factories in pdf along with details, so I am using group band for this. I need to show the link to lincense document of each factory in pdf, user should be able to download that document without internet too (so I can not user hyperlink).

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What do you mean the "embedded"? If you want to put content of a text file or an image into JasperReports, this can be possible by using Scriptlets to replace field value with the content of the file.  If you want to attach a link to the file, this can also be done using hyperlink.

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