Modify Display to Appear in Norwegian Local Langiage


We have a requirement to provide Jasper Console screen in Norwegian language. 

Below, I have translated some of the terms. The syntax I have used is:

How can we implement these changes in the screen.

<English term> – <Norwrgian term>

Folders – Kataloger

Repository – Rapport-oversikt

Sort By: Name | Modified Date – Sorter etter: Rapport-navn | Sist endret


(The Buttons)

Run – Kjør

Edit – Endre

Open – Åpne

Copy – Kopier

Cut – Klipp ut

Paste – Lim inn

Delete – Slett


(The Header values)

Name – Rapport-navn

Description – Beskrivelse

Type – Type

Created Date – Opprettet

Modified Date – Sist endret


Any idea how this can be achieved? We are using CA Jasper Server for reporting.


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