How to pass fields from table dataset to main query to show the empty page in ireport/jaspersoft studio

I have a report with some fields in page header, page footer and a table dataset. We have different queries for table dataset and main query, the values from table dataset and main query would be different. If we execute the report we may or may not get the values from table dataset but the main query will return the minimum one record from the query(main). So here my requirement is to show the empty page with a message like 'The report is empty'. I have googled and found couple of possible solutions like creating a static text beyond the table dataset, i have applied this one and could able to display the text in table dataset but not for the entire one like we could able to display message for table dataset but not for the entire report as we could get the minimum records for the main query. So is there any possibility to fix this one like passing the table dataset fields to the main query or variable declaration or expressions or bands to be enables(we have No Data band to display the content but this doesn't work for me). Can you please provide the possible solutions for this...

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