Jaspersoft Studio fail to change vm configuration from Jaspersoft Studio.ini

I'm trying to delete the -vm line and the line below that, for the jaspersoft studio to take my java version instead of the predefine one. 

I'm having trouble with the apparently famous Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 and everywhere I've been reading that the solution is to change the installed jre's and also to erase those lines from the configuration file. 

But if I delete those lines the Jaspersoft Studio won't open. And I can't neither point to my installed jdk because I get the same error. 

I'll appreciate a lot a little help. 


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1 Answer:

first of all when reporting this kind of issues you should detail on minimal information like a) operating system b) version of JSS installed c) correct java version installed on your system.
That said not sure why want to switch the JRE version instead of relying on the shipped one. The error is probably caused by the fact that you want to run JSS using an older JRE (probably your installed one is a JAVA 7 one) respect to the one used at compile time. Please note that the latest versions of Studio have been compiled with Java 8 as minimum required environment. 


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