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Hi everyone,

We have an AWS instance of Jaspersoft. This comes with a licensed version of Jasper Studio. However, the license is for 3 months only. How do we get a valid lifetime license for JasperStudio?


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I am running the AWS hourly, and have installed the Jasper Community Edition of Studio...but I receive error messages when attempting to view the various reports on server through Studio. I am connected to the server and can see all the reports, etc. in the Repository Explorer, but  error message appears when attempting to open.

Is there another version of Studio that I must use? (does Community Studio work with v7.1 server?) 

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2 Answers:


If you dont need all the fancy report features, you can use the Jasper Community Edition. 


I believe TIBCO does not provide lifetime licenses,  its all yearly. 

You can check  this page https://www.jaspersoft.com/editions and contact TIBCO suppport for prices.

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Jaspersoft licenses all comes with termination date and they do not provide lifetime license. You'll need to renew your license after the 3 months.

After the license expires, you should still be able to keep using Jaspersoft Studio but features that's only available to commercial version will become deactivated until the license is renewed.

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