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I'm trying to rebuild a report that used to be written manually in Word.  That report had a table in the middle of page 1 that listed multiple orders and then had a break for other data and finally was continued on page 2.  Some of the orders are single line some are multi line.  So the first page may have 1 or 6 orders depending on how much room they take up.  The rest basically overflow onto page 2.  My task is to reproduce these reports exactly, but I don't see how to exactly do the "continued" portion of the table.  I can basically "split" the tables through the query using limits and offsets.  Similarly I can split the table based on the number of rows using an expression, but the extra lines don't go into the next group.

However, both solutions are estremely limited because if the first table has one or two multi line entries the others get pushed under the data that is between these two tables and the second table, starting at a specific offset won't pickup those "hidden" entries.  I think the biggest problem is because I need to use groups to split the pages to have the rest of the data other than the table.

Group 1 Header 1

|Table 1 | Order 1 |Price|
|               | Order 2 |Price|
|               | 2 Line 2|          |
|               | Order 3 |Price|
|               | 3 Line 2|          |
|              | Order 4 |Price|

Other field information half the page (hidden lines 5 and 6 behind these )

Group 2 Header 1

|Table 2 | Order 7 |Price|
|              | Order 8 |Price|
|              | 8 Line 2|           |
|              | Order 9 |Price|

Other field information half the page

So is there any way to limit a table simply by its height.  So basically Table 1 would only have 3 items and table 2 would have 6 in the above case.  Or if the orders were only single line the first table would have six and the second only 3?


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