Page Numbers Subreports and Book Parts

I have 20+ reports that have the same header with a bit of data from the DB.  I created a subreport to handle any changes to that header.  I added page numbers to it as well.  The page numbers I managed to get working using the variable for MASTER_CURRENT_PAGE and MASTER_TOTAL_PAGES.  Individually, these reports work great.  For single page reports it shows Page 1 of 1, if the report goes beyond one page it shows Page 2 of 2, etc. 

I then created a book to collate all of these reports.  Because I'm using MASTER_CURRENT_PAGE, I believe the (sub)subreport for the header is using the book's page numbering and not my individual report page numbering.  As this isn't a true book and just a collation of reports, I don't want it to be Page 1 of 20, I want it to be Page 1 of 1.

Is there some other way to do the page numbering in the header subreport without putting them in each report?  I know some people had mixed luck with passing the pagecount between the report and subreport and it's not recommeneded.  Better yet, is there a way to reset the master variables after each subreport?

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