Drill Down Reports in Dashboards

So I'm trying to create a drill-down report in a dashboard.  I used this page as a guide https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/dashboard-drill-down but couldn't get it to work (or the example in the guide, for that matter).  I have an ad-hoc view on my dashboard and have enabled chart hyperlinks and set it to open in a new page.  I have also specified the report that it will run in the new tab. The ad hoc view is a line graph of the number of employees working per year broken down by type (with a filter for each parameter I want to pass); The report takes the parameters year and type_dscr., and generates a list of all employees of that type working that year (it works on it's own). Unfortunetly, I cannot get have parameters to map properly.  I added mappings to each filter and parameter besides "Measures", and under "dashlet affected" I specified itself and finally specified the same parameter under "parameter affected".  i.e. for the type_dscr  parameter I specified the add hoc view that used it, and the parametre type_dscr for "parameter affected".  When I click on the ad hoc view it launches the report but it still prompts for input for the report parameters. 

What am I missing?


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what's missing in the dashboard drilldown guide you mentioned is a complete example of the repository URI that you need to define in the Hyperlinks tab in each Dashlet Properties. So here you go:    repo:/reports/My_report_name?ReportParameter_1=$P{AHViewParameter_1}&ReportParameter_2=$P{AHViewParameter_2}. Of course you need to make sure the target report has the respective parameters defined as well as matching input controls. But I guess you have defined them already since you mentioned that the report still prompts for input for the parameters. However the parameters are passed as strings so it won't work for example for datetime input controls.

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