How to filtering by time in main and subreport in my case?

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[work in TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio Professional 6.2.0]
my problem is shown on following picture->


I have two tables from the database, 1st contains datetime of end work shift and 2nd contains sampling energy consumption at certain times and always at the end of a work shift(at the end of a work shift with 30 sec time delay against times in 1st table)In the first table of the image, the time data are retrieved in the field after filtering the time in the main report, and I wanted to know how to enter a new time filter from field [0] till field [1] from the main report (sorry for using C terminology) as is shown in the frame - frame 1, adding 30 seconds to the lower bound of the interval (because of the time delay so that the sample still falls within the interval with which to sample belong), at the next frame, the upper limit of 30 seconds does not count towards, the lower limit interval again adding 30 sec. In the subreport, the "frame" is always summing and return the value of the summation to the main report so that I can write that value in the final print table in the main report.

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