Scheduling Job for Dashboards via REST API NOT Working

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I'm a newbie using jasper reports server (version 6), and stuck while creating job schedule through Rest API. I'm trying to schedule jobs to run reports and dashboards using  "jaspersoft/rest-client" package in Laravel (PHP Framework).

Its working perfect for reports but not for dashboards. For dashboards, the input controls are not passed/saved with the newly created job. I guess this might be caused by the fact that dashboards do not have their own input controls but they take them from the reports attached to dashboard. The API do not throw any error and it creates job successfully but the input parameters values are not retained for dashboards (works for reports). I also checked server error log and it shows an unexpected error for input controls (full error message below). I have confirmed that all parameter values are passed correctly.

If dashboard jobs are created directly from Jasperserver UI, it works perfectly and all the parameters are saved with Job.

Can anybody help me to fix this issue?

ERROR: GenericExceptionMapper,http-nio-443-exec-12:47 - Unexpected error occurs
com.sun.jersey.api.NotFoundException: null for uri: URI/inputControls//values?_=1526278138825

I have spend couple of days just to find solution to this problem without any good luck so any help would be highly appreciated.


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