Give non-admin users ability to see all scheduled reports in Jasper Server

I have the need to have non-admin users set up scheduled reports and have other non-admins be able to view and edit those.

I made a test user and read only access to the report folder and execute only for the rest of the system. With that user I created a scheduled report. I logged out and logged in to a different with the exact same role as this one and I do not see the schedule. My department has a need for the help desk to create a report, and multiple other users who are back-ups to be able to view, create, and modify that. I don't want the user to have edit abilities of params/settings regarding the reports on the server side. I also don't want to have a shared service account.

Any help for this would be great, thank you!

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2 Answers:

I think Jasper schedules are user-specific, unfortunately.  For this reason our workaround was to create one user jasper_schedule_user and give everybody the login for it.

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hey did you find any solution for this?

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