Crosstab Parameters

I have created 3 Crosstabs at 3 different Group levels and all work fine up to a point.
We use a Parameter in Main report to control Language and number formats, this work fine in main report.

Paramter in main report = LanguageCode which for UK is "en_GB".
I have set $P{REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP} in Paramter Map Expression in CT properties.
When I try to create a Parameter in CT defualt name is Parameter1, however, properties dialog box will not accept new name of LanguageCode. 
If I try to override in Advanced Tab I get error Java.lang.NullPointerException.
I can not delete Parameter1 either

If I use the Code Value in my Format expression all works fine. I can not even add Paramter1 to expression as it does not appear in the object list in the expression edit window. 
If I manually type $P{Paramter1} the expression errors.

If I try to create another Paramter the Parameters list in Outline window does not change, ie Parameter2 does not show in window, but if I now go back to Expression editor a parmeter with name Paramter1 is available, 
If I add Parameter with default value set as en_GB expression returns Null.

Is there a setting I have missed?

Thank you

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2 Answers:

Strange issues often occur in Jaspersoft Studio, when you met these issues, save your report, close Jaspersoft Studio, and open it again.

If you still can't edit the name of the parameter, try copy the parameter from master report and paste it to your crosstab.

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Tried all those

Solved problem by opening source file and editing parameter name there. All working OK now.

Thanks for your time


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