created studio report with table. working fine locally but not working after upload to server

HI Gurus,

I have created Jaspeer studio report with  main and table . ( i mean calling table in main report) it is working fine locally but after  uploading in to server it is showing only null values . i think parameters are not  accepting values . ( but same parameters are working locally with out any issue).


please can you help .  


Thank you 

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Print your parameters then you will know if parameters are accepting values or not.

riodavid - 4 years 11 months ago

2 Answers:

Wondering if you added the relevant input parameter as Input Control under Controls & Resources tab for the report on Jasper Server. Please note that even while you have exported the report already, you would still need to register the input controls on the server. Hope that helps.

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The table component has a dataset with parameters defined. The parameters created at the main level of the report cannot not have spaces in the names. These are the input control parameters that pass the values to the dataset parameters at run time. Spaces in the names is one that causes the 'null' values in the parameters when run on the server. The input control "Prompt Text" labels on the server can be changed to whatever name you like to display after publishing the report.

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