Jasper Highcharts: Specify type and yAxis by series



I have a chart with 6 series. I want the first three series to be stacked bar, and the last 3 to be lines.

In JasperServer 6.4 I selected stacked column line. 

Currently the first 5 series are stacked bars on yAxis = 0, and the 6th series is a line on yAxis=1.

How can I tell jasperserver to make the last three series type = line?

Amongst other things, i have tried:

  • plotOptions.series: [{type: 'column', yAxis: 0}, {type: 'column', yAxis: 0}, {type: 'column', yAxis: 0}, {type: 'line', yAxis: 1},{type: 'line', yAxis: 1},{type: 'line', yAxis: 1}]
  • series.type: ["line","line","line","column","column","column"]


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Thank you for these samples. The code is really useful. Does this mean individual series-level properties cannot be set through Server Advanced chart formatting, only through studio?

dstevens_2 - 3 years 2 months ago

I'm facing a similar problem at the moment. Trying to set individual series-level property using the ad-hoc Advanced Chart Formatting options. I can only address the global series properties but cannot access e.g. the first, second or third series individually.
Have you managed to get any more information on this issue?
Best regards

philip.moston - 3 years 2 months ago

1 Answer:



you may be interested in the chart samples I've created:


Some samples show how to obtain a value from a series property like color and other samples show how to change type of measure from the one you defined in the chart to the one you want using measure advanced properties. You can mix these two approaches if type of visualization depends on series or you can set types right into the measures

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