Change SQL Security Validation Settings

Hi!  I've got a query working in Oracle SQL Developer that uses a "WITH" clause and it runs perfectly.  However, the query editor in jaspersoft will not let the query start with anything exept select.  I read somewhere that I need to add "with" to the sql validation  file.  Where would I do this on my local machine's jasper studio install?  I can't find the appropriate config file.

Alternatively, if there is a way to perform the equivilent of  a oracle pivot in jasper I would not need to do this (the query editor doesn't seem to like valid oracle pivot syntax).


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1 Answer:


To set SQL validation to off, here is the full file path:



To add WITH to the security validator, go to path:


Add the following to the ValidSQL rule:


Close the file and restart the server. The ValidSQL rule will now allow for the words "select" or "with" to be at the beginning of a query.


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