Out of Bounds: Element reaches outside list contents width

I am having an issue with Jasper Reporting.  This is related to the sizing of objects/sub objects and overrunning the boundaries.  I am developing the report using iReport 5.6.  This development environment is what I am limited to by the software vendor.  And, actually their report developers are using 4.2, but that is another story.


My report is a series of header, detail and footers.  And then a series of nested elements Frames, Lists, etc. I am having an issue with a specific footer.  I have torn is out and recreated it several times thinking that I was doing something incorrectly; only to repeat the same steps each time with the same error messaging.   It is important to note that I do not receive errors in the development environment and the report (in the development environment will render as I expect to see it).  It is when I add it to the s/w environment that I receive the error.


The error received within the S/W environment is: 


Error Message: Report design not valid :

  1. Element reaches outside list contents width: x = 0, width = 571, list contents width = 569. 


No other error information is available. Please consult the log file for more details.


Note:  I have consulted the log, which is usually very helpful, only to receive the exact information above with no further discernable detail.


As I mentioned, this error is not encountered in the development tool (iReport 5.6).  Where the report runs and returns data (or the lack of data – NULL) as anticipated.  The error occurs when/after I add the data fields to the subframe. I have reviewed all of the width parameters of each element down through the nest to ensure that none overlaps the other and each underlying element/group of elements does not exceed the layers above in width.  I did notice, at the List (component) level there is an option “Ignore Width Property” which is not available on other layers.  I thought, maybe, that checking this element would cascade down and fix the issue below; however, no it does not have a noticeable effect in my report. 


What I expect to see is: (this is a render in my dev tool environment.  All fields are dates formatted as MM/dd/yyyy except the Value field which is formatted ###0.00)

Here are the defined elements:


Item out of bounds

    -FRAME  (0,24,569,36)

       --LIST (linked to data subset) (0,24,569,36)

         --Label Elements


            --Data Elements


What am I missing when it comes to measuring the width of elements and their sub elements?  Why is it that when I add the fields to the sub-frame, that it goes out of bounds?


Thank you for your help in solving this issue.  I will also continue to review look and try to come up with a solution; if I find it before an answer becomes available here, I will post it.





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